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It can be a challenge to have a good variety of home cooked, weeknight meals.  Vegan convenience food (meals in a box, frozen dinners, etc) is scarce and often expensive.  Here are some meals that can be made quickly, often prepared while pasta or rice is cooking.  I think 40 minutes is a reasonable target, including prep work and many can be done in under half an hour.  I will rotate these recipes, some old favorites and some new.

A New Taco Filling:  Beans & Bulgur:

Beans & BulgurTacos is one of those meals that everyone likes.  And if you rotate through a few 'meaty' toppings, you can always keep it fresh.  Beans & bulgur is one of my favorites.  Its fast to make and the bulgur adds a great meaty texture.

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Avocado Curry:

Avocado CurryAvocado & coconut milk make for a decadent, creamy sauce.  It'll take your mouth to a warm, happy place where you'll forget all the calories.  It comes together surprisingly quickly too.  Do the prep work and finish the rest in the time that it takes to cooked a batch of rice.

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Pasta with Tomato & Wine Sauce:

Fusilli in a Tomato & Wine SauceThis is a great, quick sauce.  It's a simple tomato sauce flavored with garlic, wine & basil and this sauce really is better with dried basil. There's no prep work and the sauce cooks as quickly as the pasta.

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Fried Rice & Vermicelli:

Fried Rice & VermicelliRice-a-roni was always a favorite quick weeknight meal.   This version is nearly as quick and tastes great.  While the rice is cooking, you'll have time to heat up some frozen burgers, some grilled cheeze sadwiches or some links of Field Roast or Tofurkey.

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Creamy Pasta & Peas:

Creamy Pasta & PeasHave trouble getting your kids to eat their beans?  This is a creamy sauce of white or soy beans that doesn't rely on nutritional yeast.  Some how, this reminds me of the old tuna casseroles that mom used to make. But I mean this in a good way!

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