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Here is a few of my most popular posts.  Some of these dishes are my favorite, some are popular posts, most are both.  Many of these recipes were posted months or years ago, so its likely that you've never seen them before.  I will update this list periodically.

Cashew Primavera with Italian Sausage

Cashew PrimaveraHere's a decadent cashew sauce that pairs perfectly with veggies and 'wheat meat.'  This is great with homemade Seitan Italian Sausage, but when I discovered Field Roast Italian Sausage, it became an instant weeknight classic. I usually with two links of Field Roast and either snap peas or green beans.  This was one of my first posts and we're still eating it a couple times a month.

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BBQ Tempeh Burger

I love my burgers, and these are my absolute favorites.  They taste great, the texture is perfect and they freeze wonderfully.  This is the recipe I used to turn my dad onto tempeh and I've had nothing but rave reveiws from veggies & omnis alike.  I make at least a double batch and I always have a package in the freezer.

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Garlic Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

Garlic Stuffed Jalapeno PoppersThese jalapeno poppres are a treat.  They're packed with chunks of garlic and my vegan Chedda Cheeze Sauce.  One bite and you'll wonder why anyone ever thought of stuffing a popper with cream cheese.

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Chick'n Cutlets

Seitan ParmesanMy blog is littered with recipes featuring these chicken flavored cutlets. They're great bredded and pan fried, like the seitan parmesan presented here, or tossed in flour and fried for stir fries, chicken strips or whatever. I make a double batch and load up the freezer.

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Tofu Feta

Olive PizzaI'm glad I don't have to live without feta.  This tofu version has a great flavor and a creamy texture similar to crumbled feta.  I love it on pizza or in moussaka or just tossed into salad.  It's not going to melt for you, but I never considered Feta a 'melty' cheese anyway.

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