Making Espresso at home without an Espresso Machine

For all espresso lovers out there, it is a dream come true to brew your own espresso. Brewing your own espresso means you can adjust the strength and volume of your brew and also save a whole lot of money by saving all those trips to the local Cafes and Baristas.

Rancilio SILVIA Espresso MachineEspresso machines are expensive. I would say that you should save up and buy one. I would recommend you to buy Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. It’s still one of the best espresso machines you can currently buy. An espresso machine is a one-time investment and it pays off well. But in case you want to make your espresso right now without spending a bomb, here are a few options to do so.

But before that here is a disclaimer. Espresso is made by making hot water pass through ground coffee under pressure from some source. The quality of the espresso and the cream like thing on its top, it all depends on the amount of pressure put on the water to make it flow through the ground coffee beans. None of the following methods will be able to brew a perfect espresso if you compare it to machine espresso. But if you are good with a shot of strong coffee, these methods will definitely satisfy your thirst.

Moka Pot

Moka PotI think this one can actually make what is closest to espresso without an espresso machine. That is why it is actually called a stove top espresso maker. This small kettle-like thing is made of metal. There is a filter where you have to put the ground coffee and a chamber underneath it which is to be filled with water. As you heat the whole pot, the hot water is channeled through the ground coffee and is collected in another empty chamber on top. The resultant espresso is smooth and strong. But again, do not expect the same quality as a proper espresso machine.

French Press

French PressThis may not make amazing espresso, but it does make a satisfying shot of strong black coffee. The French press looks just like a small jar with a lid. You put your freshly ground coffee in the jar and then pour a little water into it. Just a little and wait for thirty seconds. Then pour the rest of the water and put the lid on it. Let it rest for a good four minutes. Now press down the knob like thing on the lid and keep it there. Do not pull it up. Pour out your coffee in small espresso cups.

Both these methods will work very well to brew coffee for other espresso based drinks like latte or cappuccino. Also, as I mentioned before, they will definitely produce good quality black coffee, provided your use freshly ground good quality beans. So go ahead and enjoy your little shots of sleeplessness using these extremely cute looking pieces of equipment.