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Matt - I've been a foodie for years. Every gathering with friends or family revolves around "what's for dinner?" And we sometimes fight over who gets to cook. So, when I went vegan, I brought generations of eating tradition with me. It's been great fun integrating old ways into new healthy and sustainable diet.

Kristen - Learning something everyday, getting to the place where I can just BE, and enjoying most of the moments of my day!

Our Family - We've got three kids, two of them teenagers, one is a tween.  Two are girls, one is a boy.  Two are vegetarian and trying to become vegan one is an omnivore.  Two are picky eaters, one will eat anything.   Clearly, they can't (or won't) agree on anything.  But they are all smart, opinionated and learning to make their own choices.

Our Blogs:

Our Veggie Kitchen - This blog began when we began the journey toward vegetarianism.  For me, a light bulb went on when I realized that vegetarian cooking was far more than taking out the meat.  A new and diverse life awaited me as I discovered new ingredients and new cuisines.  This blog reflects that journey.  I try to appeal to long-time vegans

Our Noobie Garden - We've only been gardening for three or four years.  In 2009, we moved to a new house with a woefully neglected yard, but great potential.  This blog is reflects the ongoing transformation from dried grass and shrubs to a beautiful and productive yard.  It documents the journey, but also the ideas, tips and pointers we learn along the way.

K's Mumbo Jumbo - My wife's blog. A little bit of every thing from vegan baking to scrapbooking to other crafts. Even a little bit about the kids and pets.

Contact Us - We can be reached at 

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